The Amazing
Math Race

A wild puzzle race through Midtown and Downtown Reno, Nevada

The Amazing Math Race

A wild puzzle race through Midtown and Downtown Reno, Nevada


The Race

What time will the race start on May 14?

The Race will begin at 1pm. We ask teams to check-in 30 minutes before hand to ensure they have the latest information, rules, and answers to any questions they may have. The location will be announced to registered Teams in advance of the Race.

Do I have to run if I'm in the race?

No. You may want to (it IS a Race, after all!) but you don't have to. There are no rules regarding transportation. You may walk, run, ride bikes, cab, or carpool.

Where will we be racing?

The race will be focused in and around Midtown and Downtown Reno.

I'm not a math whiz. How hard will the problems be?

Each stop will have a variety of problems or puzzles ranging from simple to challenging. The more challenging the math problem your team solves, the greater the advantage during the physical challenge. Your Team should aim to balance brains AND brawn. :D

How many people on a team?

We suggest 4-5 people but teams may consist of any number of members. Keep in mind a team that is too small will leave you less options for challenges and a team that is too big may be difficult to coral and all members must be a stop before your team may start.

How much does it cost to participate?

The cost is $25 / person.

What age restrictions are there?

We have removed the minimum age requirement, however, all teams must have at least 1 responsible adult over the age of 21 – no exceptions. All members will need to sign a waiver and those under the age of 18 will need a waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Anything else we should know?

Yes, there will be a Best Costumed team award. You are not required to wear a costume but we want to acknowledge those teams that go above and beyond, and encourage themes! ;)

What does the winner win?

The winning team will receive a trophy.

Who benefits from this event?

The Northern Nevada Math Club (NNVMath), a local 501(c)3 non-profit, will all proceeds from this event. NNVMath is focused on changing the local math culture and getting kids excited about math!

Have a question we haven’t answered?

Please contact us! or 773-505-0994 (Sherry’s cell phone with area code 77three)