The Amazing
Math Race

A wild puzzle race through Reno & Sparks, Nevada

The Amazing Math Race

A wild puzzle race through Midtown and Downtown Reno, Nevada


The Race

The Amazing Math Race is heavily dependent on volunteers.

Most of our volunteers on race day are Race Stop Volunteers (RSVs). As teams arrive at each stop, a volunteer is there to present them with a menu of math problems. The team choose their problem and once completed, the RSV reads the challenge that corresponds with the problem the team completed. Once confirming the challenge has been completed, the RSV helps the team log their points for the stop before they head on their way to the next stop. RSVs are key to the day going smoothly and everyone having a good time. We invite RSVs to join us after the race for a beverage. It is ideal to have 2 RSVs at each of approximately 20 stops.

In addition to RSVs, we need photographers, runners, and social media trackers/scorers on the day of the event.

Before event day volunteers are also needed to plan and prepare.

If you are racing, come join the fun as a volunteer!